Fridays 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Tuition: $225 per each 3 hr. session
By appointment only (All levels)
Pre-register: 925 947-5773  mira@mirawhitefineart.com

An opportunity to work in my home art studio Private mentoring in encaustic
All levels welcome.  Melted wax painting combined with mixed media techniques.Most supplies include

April 14- June 9 Tues. 1:30-4:30 pm  (No class May 26)
Lafayette Studio, 1136K, Saranap Ave. Walnut Creek
Tuition: $ 330      Pre-register: 925 947-5773  mira@mirawhitefineart.com

Whether you want to paint or draw, this medium is  one of the most versatile of mediums for compatibility   and study of color.  Please join us for an informative and innovative classes.  For both continuing artists and adventurous beginners.


LIFE DRAWING (from models) ( 2 separate sessions)
  March 24- April 28 Tues.  6:30-9:30 pm
May 12- June 18
  Studio One Art Center 365 45th St. Oakland, CA 94610
Tuition: $140 per session (Models fee  $90  to instructor)
Pre-register: 510 597-5027

Freshen up your drawing skills and join my figure drawing class!
Simple media and focus primarily on movement and proportion.


MIX THOSE MEDIA: Abstraction in Layers
April 13- June 8 Mon. 1-4 pm No class  May 25
Lafayette Studio, 1136K, Saranap Ave. Walnut Creek
Tuition: $ 330
Pre-register: 925 947-5773 mira@mirawhitefineart.com

 Studio One Art Center,365 45th St. Oakland ( 2 separate sessions)
March 19-April 30- Thurs. 6:30-9:30 pm
May 14- June 18
Tuition: $ 195  per session
Pre-register 510-597-5027

This mixed media class includes watercolor, acrylic, soft pastels, graphite media, sometimes collage and recently, cold wax and pigment sticks. It varies every time I teach it because I get excited about new possibilities.  This class is, of necessity, for continuing artists who want to enrich their current practice and expand their visual vocabulary.


 April 13-June 8 Mon.  9-12 noon  (No class May 25)
 Lafayette Studio, 1136K Saranap Ave. Walnut Creek
Tuition: $ 330
Pre-register: 925 947-5773/ mira@mirawhitefineart.com

 Studio One Art Center, 365 45th St. Oakland, CA 94610
March 18- April 29 , Wed. 6:30-9:30 pm ( 2 separate sessions
 May 13- June 17
 Tuition:$190 per session
Pre-register: 510 597-5027

Here is a wonderful opportunity to explore the luminosity and versatility of   watercolor! Beginners get a strong foundation in fundamental painting  approaches, including both traditional and innovative wash technques.  Variety of subject matter; intermediate painters work more independently with emphasis on color and design.


  ***     I am unable to pro-rate my privately run classes. Makeups can be made by attending one of my other classes during the current session.


















































                M  I  R A   M.  W H  I  T  E    F  I  N  E    A  R  T



My Treehouse In the Sjy  Mixed Media 30”x22”                © Mira M. White 2019




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