I am excited to introduce a new class to be held regularly at the Lafayette Studio in Walnut Creek, California, where I also have watercolor, mixed media and soft pastels.  My hunger for drawing persists, even though I work in many other media.  Drawing has its own special domain and personal rewards.  Here are the details about the class:

Fridays 1-4 pm, Lafayette Studio
Feb.5,12, 26, March 4 ( since we begin late this will be a ½ session)
Tuition: $ 150

Drawing, historically, has been considered an adjunct, a preparation, a think time for working out ideas destined for other mediums. To many it is about rendering form from what we see, giving it volume and clarity.

Drawing can be about giving form to the formless, of making the invisible visible. It can be about recording internal realities, dreams, fantasies. It can be about manifesting spirit.

Drawing can be about creating order out of chaos, it is about doodling and random mark making.

Ultimately, drawing is about YOU and your personal form of handwriting . It is about creating your own world.

This class embarks on a journey to expand your understanding of drawing to include all of the above processes. We make a big distinction between descriptive drawing ( documentary) and expressive drawing.( emotion based) This class is for continuing artists who have previous drawing experience and are anxious to meld traditional drawing methods with an innovative & contemporary vision!

I hope you will join me!